Einstein’s Theory of Psychosexual Stages.

I work at a tutoring company as I’ve mentioned previously.

I interview incoming tutors and sometimes they say some pretty profound things.

Today was not one of those times.

Today for some content screening I asked an applicant what school of thought was founded by Sigmund Freud and she responded with “School of thought? Freud? That was like the e=mc^2, right?”

For a moment I thought she’d misunderstood the question, or that she was kidding. She had to be. She was studying psychology and statistics AT MY ALMA MATER FOR CHISSAKES! I’d taken some of her required coursework for elective credit!

Then I realized I hadn’t said anything in far too long and didn’t know how to ask if she’d misheard without letting on she was truly, horrifically, incorrect and she was waiting for my response and probably NOT kidding so in classic form I panicked, said “Great!” a wee bit too enthusiastically and made up a new, simpler, question.

She didn’t screen well for anything else. Which is fine, there’s no shame in needing some review but why WHY would you apply to TEACH OTHER PEOPLE a subject you don’t understand yourself?

And what is GODS NAME has happened to the psychology curriculum at my old school since I left?

As a bonus I will share my coworkers’ response to the e=mc fiasco:

“Is that Freud guy the same person that theorized gravity when an apple fell on his head?”

“No, Freud’s the one with the key and the kite.”

“Wait, didn’t he chop down a cherry tree? Same fellow who couldn’t tell a lie?”

“NO! That was the guy with the wooden teeth who got shot in the theater!”

And because I am a freaking professional, at no point did I allow myself to scream “PENIS ENVY!!!” over this conversation.

This was then followed by my snarky friends on Facebook suggesting that Joan of Arc was married to Noah, Einstein created the lightbulb, Napoleon tried/failed to conquer the USSR and Ben Franklin wrote the Constitution.

I have a face to face interview with a History tutor later.

Either I’m screwed or they are.